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Work Zone Safety Equipment

Serving greater Seattle-Tacoma Metro since 1951!

Work Zone Safety Equipment for Seattle-Tacoma Metro area from National Barricade. National Barricade is the top traffic / work zone equipment rental company in Washington State. Contact us for a quote on traffic barrels, message boards. signs, barriers, cones, and all the traffic control equipment you will need in Washington State.

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You can rent Work Zone Safety Equipment from National Barricade! The best choice for renting all traffic control equipment. Contact us today to get a free estimate on your project.

Work Zone Equipment & More

National Barricade Equipment is available for rent on purchase. We provide traffic control services and equipment for all types of projects. We have provided Work Zone Safety Equipment for Washington State events like the Kingdome implosion.

A work zone is an area of roadway with construction, maintenance, or utility work activities. Typically these areas are marked by signs, channelizing devices, barriers, pavement markings, and/or work vehicles. It extends from the first warning sign or rotating/strobe lights on a vehicle to the END ROAD WORK SIGN or the last temporary traffic control device.

Many Devices and Equipment go into Setting up a Work Zone

There are many devices and pieces of equipment that go into setting up a work zone, We also need your help to ensure that both the traveling public and the workers in the work zone make it home safely every day.

Whether you’re barricading a parking lot and supplies like barricades and cones are needed or you need pavement markers and supplies or safety apparel and equipment signs, National Barricade offers high-quality service to each and every individual customer.

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