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About Us: Traffic Control Experts Providing Parking Lot Barricades & More

National Barricade has Served Greater Seattle Since 1951: The Family Owned & Operated Traffic Control & Parking Lot Barricade Company to Trust

Since 1951, the family-owned and-operated National Barricade has met the traffic control service needs of the Seattle, Bellevue & Tacoma. We played a significant part in innovating the industry as a whole.

Parking Lot Barricades & Traffic Control in Seattle, Bellevue & Tacoma

In the early ’50s, the traffic control standard-issue equipment was not only outdated-it was downright unsafe for use. Items such as kerosene lanterns with red glass lenses and oil pots with wicks posed a serious fire hazard in unstable circumstances, so our company sought to change the standard.

Providing high-quality traffic control services and equipment to Seattle, Washington and beyond.

Our founders developed and distributed a battery-powered flashing light. Then, they followed it up with reflective sheeting, helping to pioneer the industry’s evolution. Since then, National Barricade has always endeavored to deliver innovation while providing high-quality traffic control services. We are the expert traffic control and provider of parking lot barricades and equipment to Seattle, Washington and beyond.

Whether you’re barricading a parking lot and supplies like barricades and cones are needed or you need pavement markers and supplies or safety apparel and equipment signs, National Barricade offers high-quality service to each and every individual customer.

We changed the traffic control landscape!

Our founders didn’t just change the traffic control landscape; they also instilled a strong sense of customer service still seen in our company (run by its third generation of owners) to this day.

We have provided traffic control services and equipment for events like the Seattle Marathon, Seafair, and the Kingdome implosion. In fact, if you’ve attended an event in Seattle, WA, in the last few years, you’ve probably seen our handiwork.


We have been is business since 1951. We have extensive experience with traffic control service under our belt, and we can’t wait to serve you for years to come!