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Water Filled Barriers & Barricades

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Water Traffic Barriers are Highly Durable and Resistant to Deterioration


We offer water filled barriers in the Seattle-Tacoma Metro area. National Barricade’s water filled traffic barricades are high-quality. Our water barricades are great for most construction sites. Water barricades provide energy absorption, leading to increased safety at your project or work zone in the Pacific Northwest. The application of water filled barricades is popular for work zones of all kinds in Seattle-Tacoma metro.

Our water filled traffic barricades have served our customers in various projects around the Puget Sound region. They are lightweight when empty but provide stability when filled with water.

  • Construction projects
  • Temporary Traffic Channeling
  • Work zones
  • Temporary road blocks
  • Public works
  • Crowd control solutions
  • Sporting events
  • Special event


We Manufacture and Rent Traffic and Construction Barriers

Our team also manufactures traffic signs and construction signs here in Seattle. National Barricade is fully licensed by the Washington State Department of Transportation. In addition to various sign styles, we also feature a widen selection of mounting posts in materials, including wood and metal among others. National Barricade been is business since 1951. We have extensive experience with traffic control service under our belt, and we can’t wait to serve you for years to come!